David Zaretti - Digital Compositing

David shows that subtle (or extreme in certain cases) changes can completely alter the feeling of the material being used, and post formatting of material can create that real, cinematic professional feeling. Title animation and integration are also techniques he's well versed in within the commercial field. Over the years, David has worked with agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA and Neboko, and has been involved in post production video effects of around 15 international movies to date.

David has been working as a professional online editor for international TV commercials and feature films since 2003. With great compositing skills and an eye for detail he gives shots that professional feel. He creates new possibilities for you to get creative because he's got the talent to seamlessly integrate material from 2 or more completely different sources such as stills and motion, or footage from multiple sources.

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Back on set

On the way back home to Berlin from visiting the family in England I made a one day stop off in Amsterdam to be the on set visual effects supervisor for a commercial shoot. As always it was a long and busy day but the team was great and we just about got what we wanted in the time we had. Phew!